Too much debt can be stressful and can often stop you from achieving your goals in other areas.


No-one likes to have debt hanging over them. Too much debt can be stressful and can often stop you from achieving your goals in other areas. However, well structured debt, used wisely, can set you back on the path to financial freedom. We’ve outlined some ways you can manage your debt.


We classify debt into three categories:

1) Very Bad Debt – e.g. credit cards and personal loans. Our aim is to help you restructure your budget and manage your cash-flow so that you can reduce these costly personal debts.

2) Bad Debt – e.g. your home loan. Our aim is to ensure you have a competitive and well-structured home loan. Milestone Lending can help you with all of your lending needs.

4) OK Debt – e.g. debt related to investments. Our aim is to ensure you are maximising the benefits of having a geared investment strategy.

Correct structuring of debt is just as important as interest rates. Our goal is to drive down your fixed expenses, so expenses on your debts are a key area where significant savings can be made.


Everyone’s situation is different, but we generally suggest that you repay your Very Bad Debt first. Milestone supports a ‘debt snowball’ approach to repaying debt. This involves putting your debts into an order based on how quickly they can be repaid and then focussing all surplus debt repayments into the first priority debt. Once you’ve done this, get a pair of scissors and cut up your credit cards and don’t use them again!

We also encourage clients to repay their Bad Debt, such as their home loans, faster by making higher repayments, using offset accounts and structuring loans to maximise repayment potential.


You spend time in your younger years buying a home or investing in property and getting into higher amounts of debt. However, lots of people have the goal to get out of debt. Milestone assists clients to repay their ‘very bad debt’ as quickly as possible using strategies including the Milestone ‘Debt snowball’ program. We also encourage clients to get out of debt, including repaying their home loans faster, by making higher repayments, using offset accounts and structuring loans to maximise repayment potential.

Milestone Financial can help you get out of debt with our strategies that get you back on track.


From considerable credit card debt and rather uncontrolled spending, to being financially secure – debt free, with savings in the bank and a deposit big enough to start building our first house later this year – all in less than 18 months. Simple advice, with outstanding results. All thanks to Aaron, Andrew and the rest of the Milestone team. This all would not have been possible without their guidance and support along the way. Thanks guys! Look forward to building on our successes with you.

Paul and Eva

Having each section of your personal finances broken down and mapped out to give you attainable goals make things a lot more achievable. Busy people often know what they SHOULD be doing but find the thought of dealing with and researching the process becomes too time consuming and daunting, it often goes into the too hard basket or “I’ll do it when I have time” and that never comes.  This is an extremely sound service to help you achieve your financial goals whatever they may be. We definitely need someone dangling a “carrot” just in front of us. Left to our own devices – we’d eat it!

Amanda and Shane


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