Clever property styling does make a difference

One of the best ways to maximise the profit on your home is to give it the ‘wow factor’ using clever property styling. It is like putting your best foot forward at a job interview. Your property needs to look its best to attract as many potential buyers as possible once it goes on the market. You may not be able to control the market or the amount of properties for sale in your suburb at any one time. However, you can certainly control how your property is presented.

Plan ahead of time

The biggest tip we can give sellers is to plan well ahead of time. Go over the property and make a list of all the big and small jobs that need to be done to get it up to scratch, inside and outside. For example, look for cracks in walls, marks on the carpet, ensure all lights and power points work, and mulch the garden beds. Be critical and, once you’ve made a list, prioritise the work and obtain quotes (unless they are jobs you can do yourself).

Sell without the tenants

If your property is rented, seriously consider ending the lease. You may lose rental income in the short term but preparing your property for sale and presenting it in the best possible light could make you much more money in a few short weeks. Tenants can make it difficult to carry out any maintenance work. Vendors are also at the mercy of tenants keeping the property clean and tidy for open inspections. The tenant’s lifestyle may distract from the great qualities of the property; think about mattresses on the floor, off-putting odours and personal items lying around.

Don’t sell a property unfurnished

Similarly, an empty property presented for sale is also a potential liability. Only a small percentage of the population can visualise how furniture will fit and look in a particular space. Empty properties also don’t feel like real homes. An empty room lacks warmth, personality and makes it difficult for buyers to become emotionally attached. People buy with their head and their hearts, so when they view a property, they are desperate to fall in love with it. They want the hunt to be over. Finally, an empty property also guarantees, with nothing else to focus on, buyers will look for all the faults.

Creative property styling takes out the guesswork

This is where styling a property for sale comes in. Creative property styling demonstrates how furniture works in each room and shows how traffic flows through the property, whilst adding light, colour and texture and the all-important ‘wow’ factor! Presentation is paramount in a real estate landscape where potential buyers are scanning hundreds of images online. Your property needs to stand out, grab a buyer’s attention and get them to the property so your agent can sell it to them.

If you want to sell your home, downsize and declutter, or if you just want your own home to have that ‘wow’ factor, contact Mel or Suzy at Sold on Styling.

Written by guest bloggers Mel Jamieson and Suzy Piani, Sold on Styling

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